Shark Ray Alley, Turtle Rock Island, Hol Chan

Saturday was our last day on the reef.  We headed out to visit Shark Ray Alley and then we snorkeled the back reef  to Turtle Rock Island and the Conch Graveyard and then back through the reef again to the Shark Ray Alley area. This snorkel was about 1km! We were in the water for over an hour.


Carson and the Jacks at Sting Ray Alley. There were tons of Horse Eyed Jacks everywhere and the kids had to swim thourgh them but NOT touch them.
Nurse Sharks at Sting Ray Alley
Grace loved the sting rays!
Grace and her ray.
Jerry and Luc with a ray…just before Luc pet it!
Caroline at Shark Ray Alley
Kids and fish at Sting Ray Alley
Darlene at Shark Ray Alley
Loggerhead Turtle at Turtle Rock Island


Elkhorn Coral in back reef of Turtle Rock Island.



Sidney hunting parrots at Hol Chan

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