The Barge, Manatee Channel, and Caye Caulker

Jerry walking to our sailboat

Today we were on a sailboat that slowly traveled south past Hol Chan to the sunken barge wreck. We snorkeled the barge for about 1 hour . We finally saw the elusive Queen Angel fish hiding

Zach checking out the barge.

underneath the barge. The barge been slowly transforming into a coral reef and the boulder corals were substantially bigger from Pingry’s last visit three years ago. The waves and current were pretty strong around the barge and it took a bit of work to get around this area.

The sunken barge.

After the barge, we buddied up and swam over the back reef, slowly making our way south to the channel. Known as Manatee Channel, the channel was about 100 feet across and 30 feet deep. As we swam the channel, we had big, rolling¬†waves washing over us but we did great!¬† We thought we had no manatees so we swam back to the boat but our captain told the guides to take us back over and we found two…and they were hanging with us for awhile! It was amazing!


After the manatees, we cruised to Caye Caulker for lunch and walked the town. We checked out the seahorse ranch and tarpon pool. Darlene fed the tarpon and kept all her fingers.

Downtown Caye Caulker

After Caye Caulker we cruised home and got back on Goliath (our normal TREC boat) and ate pizza and cruised out to the Tuffee Reef for the famous night snorkel! We saw lots. Zach Dobson is known as the “squid wrangler”.

The briefing before the night snorkel.


I have many more pictures but uploading them is not really working. I will update this post with more pictures of the kids when I can. Thanks.

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