Land day- Belize Zoo with Cave Tubing

Today we hit the mainland. We got on a speedboat off the beach near the TREC dock and rocketed over to the mainland. We then boarded two vans and headed through Belize City to the zoo! The zoo was fun but HOT and HUMID!  We were drenched in sweat.

Carson loves the water! She is one with the ocean!
Jerry and Luc would have gone back out to the reef and skipped the zoo!
Darlene, Carolyn, Helen, Sidney on speed boat to Belize City.
Grace and Izzy getting their hair blown out!
The dynamic duo of Caroline and Dylan…avoiding the sun! And Sidney, who loved the boat ride.
Howler monkey.
Tapir…that was interested in Sydney Shannon.

From there we went to Cave Tubing. The kids really liked the caves and thought it was a cool experience. We traveled, or floated,  through a LONG cave that had lots different structures to it., including waterfalls and bat holes. SORRY! I did not take pictures but your children did! After the HOT zoo, the kids were very happy to cool off in the river. We were tied together in groups of 8 each with guide and just floated along. It was a bit crowded with several cruise ships in town but they liked the tubing.

As I write this post, most of the kids are attending a talk by a professor on reef biology.  The talk is specifically discussing coral reef structure and coral function! The professor is visiting TREC with another group and invited our kids to attend!

Again, please be patient with our posts. Internet here is very spotty and we cannot guarantee a post everyday. I will send a group picture to Ms. Whitman-Annis to send out to all if we can not post.

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