Coral Gardens and Day 1 of Collecting Data

Today we traveled about 45 minutes south of TREC to an area of the reef known as Coral Gardens. This area is known for large stands of Stag Horn coral and is considered a more healthy area of the reef. The barrier reef in this area is fairly low which brings a lot of water over the reef into the coral.

Gray Angel with Stag horn Coral
Lobe Coral Stand

Lobe coral was very common here as well. There were a bunch of gray angels that we we continually tried to chase but they were a bit shy.

Fire coral in the foreground and boulder coral in the back with French grunts
Carolyn and Grace with Darlene, Luc, and Jerry in the water.
Blue headed wrasse



We collected data at the Dr. Simon’s sight and conveniently we pulled right up to the site so we did not have to haul the gear today. The kids found it challenging with a difficult current to set up the gear.

At night we analyzed the video withDr. Mattes and Maureen.




We are all doing well and we all love Belize! A few are planning on coming back for their ISP. Everyone has gotten much more comfortable in the water while trying to keep sun exposure to a minimum.


2 thoughts on “Coral Gardens and Day 1 of Collecting Data

  1. Sounds like a busy day! Love the action shots, hopefully the wind and currents are more cooperative later in the trip.

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